Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to life

The past few months have been less than kind and unfortunately have taken their toll. I've allowed myself to become so overwhelmed by everything that I was drowning in my own pile of hooey. My diet, of course, is the first thing to go to crap. As in, piles of way too many sweets. In the past few weeks, I've started clawing my way back to reality. A surprise visit from The Jen helped dramatically. She was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed. We skied, hung out, and played like kids. It took a couple of days to recover from the weekend, but it set me on the road toward getting my stuff together. Now, with a little luck and a bit of work, I will have my creative juices flowing again! I'm looking forward to a new Paleo challenge. This time around I've started simple, with basic meat & veggie dishes. It's an easy way to get back into proper Paleo eating without too much thought. Dinner tonight included a spinach soup with egg. Delish. Yes, it's definitely time to start making my food interesting again.

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