Monday, June 18, 2012

Seasons in South Africa

In connection with my training at University of Colorado School of Medicine, I am spending my summer (well winter here) in Cape Town, South Africa. The academic purpose of being here is to 1) train my skills in emergency medicine at Tygerberg Hospital and 2) to conduct research regarding the outcomes of penetrating traumas in tertiary care centers with minimal or no support. I’m not exactly sure what that will involve just yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out starting in July. In the meantime, I’m here in SA with plans to check out Cape Town, do some wine tasting and traveling, and get ready for my research.  

It’s winter here. I keep calling it summer, because I’m on summer break between classes, but it’s important to note that chill winds are blowing. I packed for a good Colorado spring. Which is to say that I brought everything from shorts & tank tops to good snow and rain gear. So far it seems I planned well. It would seem a lot warmer if it weren’t for the crazy winds. They definitely drive the perceived temperatures down. I do find it an odd sort of trend, though, that I seem to enjoy spending my winters at the beach. Hawaii last December and SA now. J

One of my many goals while I’m here is to get myself back into fighting shape. In order to make that happen, I’ve joined Cape CrossFit with Ellie. I think we’ve even convinced Talia to join us. It should be good fun and great for getting strong and healthy. Once I’ve moved out to Sea Point, I will be adding beach runs to my routine.

Another thing to find in Cape Town is a place with reliable, fast Internet. It might be a bit much to ask, but I’m sure going to try. Internet here is dodgy and slow at best.

Enter the mouth of the dragon... it's right up there

This much fun should be illegal

Smugness in the Muizenberg Night Market

Old Biscuit Mill Saturday Market

If there is any one thing you wanted to do in South Africa, what would it be? 

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