Sunday, June 24, 2012

Putt Putt on the Beach, Sundowners, and Café Africa

Are you ever too old to play putt putt? Of course not. We might actually have had more fun than all the families and kiddos out there. Between the actual competition between David and Talia, Jake’s power shot style, and my complete inability to land a single hole-in-one, there was almost as much entertainment from the game itself as from the goofing off that went along with it. The best part was having to let a family with 3 kiddos play through, because they were playing much more seriously. Well, that and the handstands on the hill.

The next goal was to enjoy sundowners. Which we didn’t. We watched the sun setting from the car as we tried to hurry to a nearby café/bar. Naturally, we still found a great place, had a tasty drink, and watched the post-sunset beach.

When I go to a place like Café Africa, I can’t help but feeling like a white tourist – especially when the other tables are full of other white folks snapping photos of the employees and generally behaving in a touristy manner. It definitely made me happy to be there with friends who just sit back and enjoy what is offered. We had a 14+ course meal with food representing 10 different countries in Africa. Everything was delicious.  The staff came through at one point and sang for us. It was quite an experience for me. Back in high school, we performed several songs that I can only vaguely describe as being African call-and-answer style pieces. I was even the solo/leader for one of them. I remember them as being very beautiful and powerful songs, but there was a richer texture to the singing done by half a dozen restaurant employees that I don’t think we ever pulled off.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this it is: Eat oysters! Lots of them.

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